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ALI - A Leading Idea

Our Story

ALI - A Leading Idea is made to change how we approach fashion.

Putting ten years of experience in the Paris fashion industry to work, we are developing A Leading Idea that is at once affordable, ethically sound and environmentally considered.

ALI was launched the 9th of May in my adoptive mother country Norway. 

Being a refugee at one time, my younger brother, my mother and myself were shown opportunities rather than shown the door, which I am eternally grateful for.

Accordingly, we at ALI tribute the underrepresented minorities, refugees, LGBTQI and all women to uphold the diversity that makes the world special, especially in times when doing so seems increasingly difficult.

I invite you to join us to see and understand my heart and my vision for the world, of ALI - A Leading Idea.

Love Golnaz

Design & Production